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Taiwan Pre-Trip Reflection

Being the second time travelling to Taiwan, I am definitely anticipating an entirely different experience owing to the fact that I will be going with a different group of people and for a different purpose. I am really looking forward to the visits to the various financial institutions as I have never visited a string of financial institutions and even so, in a financial centre as renowned as Taipei other than the learning journey to GIC. It will definitely be a humble and enriching experience for us since we are just students who will be dwarfed by the real bankers and perhaps policy makers who would be passing on their valued knowledge to us.

On the contrary, it would be a lie for me to say that I will not be looking forward to the visits to the night market as the first visit to the Rao He night market left a very good impression on me. The theme park visit would also be intriguing as I have neither visited nor heard of the theme park before.

I expect to have a deeper understand of the financial system of Taiwan. This includes aspects on how the domestic banks in Taipei differ from those in Singapore like the types of financial services or products they offer and the regulations governing these banks. In addition, as our group is tasked with researching into Taiwan’s Central Bank, I’m expecting to gain more knowledge on the monetary policies and the monetary tools that the central bank uses to maintain economic stability and growth rate for the country. As Taiwan is constantly overshadowed by its neighbour China, I also hope to learn how the central bank helps Taipei maintain a competitive advantage over china.

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